Surprise! I took my own advice in my last post.

The thing is, even though I already have the job, I have those all-too-familiar feelings...that I am a fraud. I am sick of saying "imposter syndrome" but it's basically that. I am doubtful of my own performance even though I gave her...and it was accepted. I am scared that someone will find out I am a load of shit and I actually don't know anything.

The funnier thing is, I've had these exact same feelings/thoughts course through me at the beginning of every job. Every. Job. For the past decade.

But this time, and for the foreseeable future, I will not say those things to myself again. This time, I am going to own it. I am going to kill it at what they hired me to do.

When you get your dream job–whether it's your solo venture, dream client, or at your dream company–all you need to do is deliver.

Put your whole damn self into it.

Get a good night's sleep. Eat properly. Move around. Do what you need to do so you can fire on all cylinders for each and every work day.

Show up on time. Take notes. Read the supplementary readme's. Ask clarifying questions. Follow up if something still doesn't make sense.

Make reasonable assumptions but also ask for advice/validation if you're really doubting yourself. And learn to trust yourself next time.

Keep up to date. Seek to learn. Feed your curiosities.

Pace yourself.

You're a human being with a finite amount of physical and mental energy–respect it. Bring 110% but take care of yourself along the way. Steadily be the best version of you for the long road.

Schedule breaks. Mind-dump anything that's gnawing at you at night, and chat with someone your trust about it the next morning.

Go to therapy. Work through things you can't seem to shake off (like doubting yourself).

Keep in touch with your loved ones. A great job is not worth it if it means you have to wall yourself off from the rest of your world.

Do something non-work after work hours (lol, seriously). Read a book. Listen to a podcast while you do chores. Teach your dog a new trick. Watch a really trashy series. Organize your sock drawer.

Give yourself credit.

In The Middle Finger Project, Ash Ambirge wrote this line that I am going to tattoo on my arms:

They are not accidentally giving you money. They know exactly what they're doing—so don't insult their intelligence.
Comic by Sarah Andersen

It wasn't an accident–it was all you. You got this fair and square, so do the thing–really, really well.

I am so proud of you.