If you started a new job or joined a new team, it takes about 3-4 months of showing up daily to find your footing.

This is what I've observed in my personal experience, and if it's shorter for you, good for you. If it's longer for you, don't fret.

The important thing is that you keep showing up. Take note of the moment you feel like you can do something with your eyes closed. That's the day you have "found your footing".

I don't want to give arbituary advice like, "don't take vacation when you start a new job" but... don't take vacation when you start a new job. Wait until you've shown up daily for 3-4 months until you jet. Leaving so soon after learning the ropes of a new job can disrupt your memory-making muscles. If you truly want to travel or take time off, do it in between jobs or teams.

I found that only after "figuring out" how a codebase works and the cadence of a product or team, I can finally sit down and carve a development plan. Don't be afraid to pause on crafting development plans and setting goals if you're not even sure of the nuances of the product or team you're on.

Goal setting is more meaningful once you've gotten a good grasp of the landscape you're working with. Take your time. There is no rush.

When you feel frustrated on the daily and it doesn't get better after 6-8 months, then absolutely, look for that next team. You are the captain of your own ship.