I carry a penchant for dumplings, full frame cameras with a 50mm lens, and metallic fabric. I keep a running list of gender-neutral names for children/dogs. In my spare time, I watch my security cameras for critters playing around in my backyard, or clean off burnt pasta off my stove.

Fun Facts

  1. Built my first website in 1999 using HTML4 and inline styling on Angelfire. When everyone wanted Flash websites, I quit development and got lost in Livejournal and Myspace land.
  2. Got back into development through WordPress theme customizations around 2008.
  3. Around 2010, I went deep into professional photography, shooting weddings and sports events. For at least a year, all I did was shoot exclusively with a Canon 5D Mark III and 70-200mm f/2.8L II IS lens.
  4. To fund my very expensive photography ventures, I worked as a human resources professional for about 4 years, full-time.
  5. Realized it was silly that I was working a job I didn’t love, to do something I loved, but on the side.
  6. Fell out of love of photography as a career/business, so I gave that up, sold 95% of my photography equipment around 2015.
  7. Quit my HR job in early 2016.
  8. Went back to school for 6 months to level up as a web developer.
  9. Got my first job as a web developer at the best web development agency ever. Met my life partner there too.
  10. Proposed to my life partner.
  11. In general, when I want something, I think outside the box to get it (if I don’t like the “usual path”).
  12. Bought a 97-year-old house (in the ground), managed renovations, and changed jobs within a 2 month time frame.
  13. Began to teach web development less than a year after learning it. Funner fact: Anyone can teach anything if they have any shred of MC skills and can break down complex concepts with life analogies.